FPGA Competition Entry Form

Supranational LLC


Entrant/Team Member Name(s):__________________________________________________________

Entrant/Team Members Age(s): __________________________________________________________

Team Name (if any): ____________________________________________________________________

Entrant/Team Address:  _________________________________________________________________

Entrant/Team Email Address: ____________________________________________________________

Entrant/Team Telephone Number: ________________________________________________________

All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in the Entry Form shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Supranational LLC FPGA Competition Official Rules and Disclosures (the “Rules”).  This Entry Form and each Contestant in the Competition shall be governed by, and subject to, the Rules.

By your signature below, you hereby confirm that: 

  1. You have read and consent to the Rules and the Supranational LLC Privacy Policy; 
  2. If the you are under the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence, your parent or legal guardian has completed this Entry Form and signed the consents below; 
  3. If a member of a Team Contestant, you consent to the disqualification of your Entry if any member of the Team Contestant does not comply with the Rules or submit any required documentation or information; 
  4. If a member of a Team Contestant, you consent to the inclusion of your individual intellectual property in your team’s Entry; 
  5. If a member of a Team Contestant, you specifically consent to the requirement that each member of your team shall share any prize won equally, and will not seek a different prize or amount from the Sponsor by any means; 
  6. You acknowledge that all the contents of Your Entry (including all associated intellectual property) may be made available to the public, at the Sponsor’s sole discretion; and 
  7. Personal data provided to Sponsor during the Challenge, including name, age, mailing address, and phone number, as well as information provided on affidavits of eligibility and releases of liability and publicity, including government issued identity documents and social security or other tax identification information, is being collected specifically for purposes of administration of the Challenge and complying with legal processes/regulatory requirements such as tax reporting and recordkeeping, and for the purposes set out in the affidavits/releases with respect to publicity. Personal data will be retained and accessed only by those company employees who have a legitimate business interest in accessing the data or a legal right to do so. This personal data will be transferred into the United States. You affirmatively consent to the transmission, processing, and storage of this personal data in the United States, and acknowledge that you have the right to inquire as to how it is being processed, except how the Entry is judged, and may do so by making such a request in writing to: hello@supranational.net


By (signature):  ________________________________________________________

Printed Name: _________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature (if necessary): ____________________________________

Parent/Guardian Printed Name (if necessary): __________________________________